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What I’ve accomplished in the past 100 days (FDR is smiling at me in heaven)

Happy 100 days of content challenge done ☑️ 🙏😍

Am I making up milestones just so I can I have ice cream? Surprisingly no but I should start doing that.

In FDR’s first 100 days as president of the United States, he got congress to pass 77 laws as part of a new reform, i didn’t do that BUT… for the past 100 days I’ve been doing a social media challenge and I’m in awe of what has been accomplished in the past 100 days of my life.

Here's what I accomplished:

I can’t remember the first time I realized I wanted to do something special with my life, but I can pinpoint the first time I started trying for me.

It was a cold December day. I was 20 in my second year of University, and it suddenly stuck me. I was screwed. I had spent the semester in the gym, travelling and at the club on campus, but finals were in two weeks, maybe less. So, I remember sitting on the edge of my bed with my head in my hands after attempting a practice paper, but how was I supposed to know school was going to be hard? I sailed through my first year with straight A’s barely lifting a finger, so I underestimated the workload.

I spent the next 14 consecutive days doing nothing but studying, but I missed the grades I wanted (69.5% average, in the UK 70% and above is an A equivalent). Of course, I was lucky that my school rounded up grades, but I vowed never to put myself in that kind of position again. I knew I was capable of more and that I’d grown complacent.

Me in second year:

Me when I finally started living in the library with the friend who taught me to work hard

So the next semester I studied more consistently, and by my final year was getting top marks in every class, but somewhere along my working career I shifted back into complacency. I was reluctant to give up a life that was so easy, so I became miserable and bored instead. It doesn't help that last year I also got physically very sick for a while in my recovery from an eating disorder I've had since I was five.

But luckily, I didn’t stay a victim forever because the pain I felt was bad enough for me to know I needed to change.

So I continued going to therapy.

I quit my job in consulting to pursue content creation.

I started going to church, I decided to move from London to Las Vegas, and I started my own business.

Before I left London, I spent £140 to go see Jordan Peterson in person (shhh I know it was ridiculous), but he said one thing that still stays with me. He said “The opposite of slavery isn’t freedom, it’s responsibility.”

Screenshot from my private insta of JP

From then on I vowed to keep striving. To catch myself in cycles of complacency. To always do something hard and worthwhile. I realized when I was free, I chained myself. 

So in an attempt to keep myself learning, I started this content challenge where on top of my usual work, I committed 100 minutes a day, every day to working on my own content. I kept it up through over five moves. I kept it up through jet lag, family issues and personal issues. Most days I did well over 100 minutes, but every day I made it.

The life lived behind the scenes:

Yesterday was day 100. 

In the past 100 days:

  • I've started a podcast

  • Started doing work for one of my favourite authors

  • Made over 300 pieces of content for myself

  • Improved my CapCut, Riverside, Canva and YouTube skills

  • Met my new business partner

  • Gotten inbound leads despite not having much experience in this field

  • “I don’t feel like it” stopped ever being an excuse for me

  • Learned to trust myself again

Technically I’m done, but I’d like to keep striving. I like the challenge even more than I like the results of it.

So, instead of today being day 1 of freedom, today is day 101 of responsibility.

I’m going to go for 1000, let’s see where I end up.

See you next week.


Laura Mai

P.S. If you want to join me in your own 100 day content challenge you’d be in good company, I’ve had four friends join me since starting and you’d be more than welcome

Goals for day 101-200

  • Get extra consistent about my own scheduling and content

  • Nail down engagement and stop avoiding

  • Plan a digital product (I have a 1 year plan mapped out for this, months 1-3 are research)


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