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+200k impressions in one week

This past week I boosted one of my client’s impressions by another 95% (two weeks ago Dan was at 130k, now at 480k+)

But that’s not even what I’m most proud of this week (which is crazy because I’m really proud of it!).

Keep reading for

-how I helped a creator improve impressions on by 700% in 7 days

-what I learned in 5 hours 35 mins of watching Luke Matthews review profiles

-what I changed about my own profile after dropping $1500 on an hour with Lara Acosta

How I helped a creator improve impressions on by 700% in 7 days

Jeff Mahew posted this when finishing my free online course which you can take here.

This is the thing I'm most proud of this week because I made a difference in someone who is where I was. My goal in business is to help as many people as possible with their marketing.

Jeff made me feel like I'm on the right path.

What I learned in 5:35 hours of watching Luke Matthews 

-smaller creators need to micro niche on LinkedIn

-lead magnets are a stronger CTA

-use social proof in your banner

-no posts in your featured, it's a landing page

-state problems in your about section

-someone should know what you do in 5 seconds when looking at your page

-keep your branding colors consistent

Here's Luke's video, I found watching it in the background helpful in knowing what makes a good profile for lead gen.

What I changed about my LI Strategy after dropping $1500 on an hour with Lara Acosta

I do not regret a single penny spent on this call.

Having someone who is one of the best at LinkedIn look over my work is helping me A/B test more things to get the best results for my clients.

Here’s what I’m going to be testing:

  • A/B test adding links after 2 hours

  • Focus on LinkedIn’s top topics which include: work-life balance, leadership, remote work, layoffs, self-help and improvement, and inclusive workplaces

  • Starting conversations in the comments of posts

What I’ll be tweaking in my copy:

  • Explaining everything like I’m talking to a five year old

  • Having only one call to action (CTA)

  • Explaining the benefit of each service

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See you next week.

I'm rooting for you.


Laura Mai

P.S. Here's where you can connect with me:

Instagram/TikTok @lauramaimarketing

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