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Free 7-Day Content Challenge

About me

I went from an Instagram poetry account to working for a NYT bestselling author.


In three years.

This is how I did it 👇


-My final year of university started an online campaign against sexual harassment with a friend on Instagram
-Created an Instagram poetry page based on albums I liked which got noticed by some of my favorite artists
-Got a job as a business analyst through my mentor Richella & got to manage the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance LinkedIn as part of my work


-Started doing social media for Voice ESEA before becoming Director
-Decided I wanted to figure out how to go viral on Tik Tok
Spoke at People Like Us because of Voice ESEA
-Left my job as a business analyst to go work as a behavioural design consultant after meeting the CEO Denise in yoga


-Went viral on Tik Tok several times growing my account from 123 followers to 17k+ followers in 3 months
-One of the videos that went viral was on a study done by Dan Ariely, I went off the internet because one of the videos led to hate I wasn’t ready to handle
-Reached out to Dan Ariely on Email
-Quit my job as a behavioural design consultant in August to do content creation full time
-Hosted a sponsored podcast where I interviewed nationally recognized athletes, faith leaders, comedians + more from diverse backgrounds thanks to People Like Us


-Worked on growing my skills to develop more confidence through evidence -and thicker skin by doing A LOT of it free work
-Started my own podcast
-Asked Dan Ariely to be on my podcast (which he somehow said yes to?)
-Did 100 minutes of content for 100 days, didn’t miss a day
-Started Video editing
-Got three other successful people on my podcast
-Edited 47 videos in two days for Dan with skills I'd learned from the content challenge I did
-Started working for Dan Ariely
-Started helping more people, getting more leads and paid work

And I'm only 1/2 way through this year.

What I learned:

-Hard work compounds
-Other people are everything when it comes to success
-I've never regretted paying it back/forward/ sideways

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, but there are a million failures I had not on this list and a bunch of messages that never got responded to. I don’t remember most of them and neither will anyone else.

Shoot your shot.

I'm rooting for you, you've got this.

P.S. if you resonate with my story, connect with me, you're my kind of person

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