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What do people say?

“Oh honey, you try very hard, I'm so proud of you."

-Mary-Anne Pham

Mother of Laura Mai Gainor and Full-Time Receptionist. 

Tao Huang,

Researcher and Lecturer at The University of Surrey

Laura was definitely one of the top students in the class- diligent and talented.

Adesuwa Oboshan,

Union Chair at University of Surrey

Her work ethic is on a different level. Laura is always willing to help team members in any way that she can. For example, during our first year of university, she assisted me with my finance revision and ensured the I understood the formulas and what was needed to be successful in the exam.

Yinsey Wang,

Lawyer | Advisory Council Member - British Museum Friends | Co-Founder - Voice ESEA | Shortlist - WATC Rising Stars ‘22

Laura has a fantastic eye for visuals and how to present information in an interesting and clear format. Her enthusiasm is infectious as she brings a lot of positivity to the team.

Finn Lynch,

Director at Blackbridge Communications

I worked with Laura on a project that required us to analyse data and provide strategy for an energy company. During that time, the things that impressed me the most were Laura's organisational and presentation skills. She would always pay attention to details and come up with creative solutions to tackle the problem. 

Mike Hanbidge,

Head of Employer Brand at Blackbridge Communications

Laura has a lot to offer; enthusiasm, intelligence, hard work. I've been impressed with how she takes on tasks and delivers good quality work. I also like her ideas. Experience of clients, what they respond to and what tends to work will help make those ideas even more useful.

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