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Last week I almost died but I also made a clothing brand in 24 hours + more

Last week I almost died (I got in a car accident on the highway you can read about it here)

-I had nightmares

-I couldn’t drive anywhere

-I lost my favorite highlighter (for the men in the room, this is makeup, I’m not upset over a sharpie lol)

But I also did seven cool things…

  1. Created a clothing brand in 24 hours for a YouTube Video

You can check it out, it’s still a work in progress but it’s functional. The purpose is to show how to make a clothing brand in 24 hours, but I also realized it was a great opportunity to get better at ads, so I'm going to work for the next few months to see where I can get with it.

2. Almost got a client on the Diary of a CEO Podcast

I got this

But then I got this :( 

3. Onboarded a new client

Super excited, she signed onto my 7-week social media special. If you want to know more about this email me

4. Gave a speech

I’m part of a group called Toastmasters and I gave a speech on why I turned down a $175,000 job two weeks ago (lol I’ll tell the story in a blog someday but not right now for my safety.)

5. Launched the fourth episode of the Answers Podcast with Mando Sallavanti

Really cool guy, with great mindset and financial advice

6. Ran three miles + every day (lol yes even after my accident)

I actually ran my furthest since Jan on Saturday.

7. Overhauled my LinkedIn (thanks to Lara Acosta the video I watched will be linked at the bottom of this video)

Read on for:

-Where I screwed up

-What I’m doing differently

-An easy Canva Hack to change backgrounds on photos & three videos that made me better

Where I screwed up:

  1. Low views on my podcast episode

  2. Went over time in my speech

  3. Didn’t engage enough on social platforms

What I’m doing differently next time


  1. Researching topics for my next podcast episode

  2. Prepping with guests better/ getting to know them better first

  3. Testing more thumbnails with my audience


  1. Start practising one week in advance 2x per day (I left it to the day before, only did it 3x and then got in the accident)


  1. Block out time in my calendar

  2. Hired someone ( the bonus of this is I’m testing him so I can include him in my packages for clients)

  3. Have prepared comments that I can tweak on a Google sheet

Canva Hack - easily remove backgrounds on photos

I turned this

Into this

  1. Selecting the photo and hitting edit photo

  2. Clicking Background remover

  3. Using magic eraser to get rid of the rest

Three videos I watched this week that made me better:

Thank you for reading, I’m grateful for your time and hope you found this useful. If you have any questions you can connect with me below.


Laura Mai

P.S. Here’s where you can connect with me

Instagram/TikTok @lauramaimarketing

Take a free 7-day online content course here


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