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How I get my LinkedIn Reviewed for free

Last week felt like Drew Bledsoe in 2001

(shoutout to anyone else who watched the roast of Tom Brady)

But unlike Drew, I know no one is going to give me a ring even in the hospital

So instead I:

  • Got over 1 million impressions for Dan in 1 month (¼ of his impressions for the year)

  • Filmed another podcast episode on SEO with Joseph S. Khan

  • Filmed a video (3x lol) about Andrew Huberman's marketing strategy and proceeded to stalk his whole media team on LI

  • Learned about an AI tool

  • Got my LI posts looked at for free by Luke Matthews

I’ll tell you about the new AI tool I was using, and how I got my posts reviewed for free below:

SEO Tool for YouTube you need to try (there’s a free trial):

Vid IQ:

What is it? VidIQ is a tool designed to help YouTube creators optimize their content and grow their channels. It offers a range of features that analyze video performance and audience engagement. Here are some of the key benefits of using VidIQ:

  1. SEO Optimization

  2. Competitive Analysis

  3. Real-Time Analytics

  4. Trend Alerts

  5. Achievements

  6. Video Scorecard

  7. Audience Insights

  8. AI generated ideas, titles and scripts

How I get my LinkedIn looked at for free by Luke Matthews

I think one of the best things I’ve done for myself in 2024 is sign up to Luke Matthews’s mailing list. He’s been holding YT lives for people on his email each week and my LinkedIn has improved a lot because of it.

Don’t believe me?

This was my banner now vs. a few months ago.

That's it for this week.

I'm rooting for you <3

Laura Mai



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