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About Laura Mai

I'm a 25 year old from Amherst, New Hampshire who fell in love with the United Kingdom and am now using the education and experiences I have to make a positive impact on the world.

My story is one of resilience, determination and passion. It has been a long and sometimes difficult journey, but I have persevered, even when I have felt like giving up. Through my experiences, I have gained a better understanding of the world and how to make a positive difference.

I firmly believe in the power of education, and the capacity of individuals to make lasting changes to the world. I am passionate about using my knowledge and skills to empower women and to create a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. I believe that this is possible through education, positive action and inspiring others to make a difference. I have spent the last few years working on projects that have enabled me to help others and use my skills to make a difference.

I have been involved in projects such as Voice ESEA, which works to reduce East and South East Asian violence, and The Sustainable Recruitment Alliance, which focuses on sustainability in the recruitment sector. I have also created the app, The Guard, which was a response to the murder of Sarah Everard and the subsequent movement towards safety for women.

I am now working as a behavioural psychology consultant for Desire Code, where I am using my knowledge to make a difference in a new sector. I am passionate about this work and I am determined to continue to make a positive impact on the world in a way that serves God w
ho has blessed me and for whom I am thankful for every day.

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