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Merry Christmas

Key takeaway of the day ✨

  • Your work will give you more than work. It’s about the outcome, but no matter the outcome you will always have the work you put into the process

Day thirty four:

Merry Christmas! How are you? Have you been enjoying time with your family? I know I have :) I would add photos but these days I don't like going on my phone when I'm not working.

You might wonder why I’m working today if I take every Sunday off because I’m religious, but there’s no where that says in the Bible not to work on Christmas. So here I am.

To be honest I would’ve liked the extra day off, I’m still tired, but God said no I guess.

On the upside, I saw my soon to be step-brother Gavin today and his hair’s grown out so long it looked like it could be his birthday today.

Photo of Gavin:

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Time spent Saturday: about 4 hours

What I made:

My blog, LinkedIn, Tik Toks and Instagram posts have all become a lot faster since I started doing YouTube. YouTube is what takes the most time and I spent about two/three hours filming a video on Saturday.

PRES check in

Prayers ✅

Reading ✅

Exercise ✅

Act of Service ✅

Sleep challenge 🚨 (read more here) messed up on the water again

Struggles and what went well


The biggest struggle I’ve faced is waking up some days and really not wanting to do this. A lot of days I wake up tired and not feeling like it, I always feel better when I am done.

My self worth builds every day I keep my commitment to myself. I’ve felt a transformation in my thinking during this challenge. I trust myself to come through, just like I trust all this will be worth it. I am a better person because of this stage of discipline and perseverance.

What went well:

💡I got my ad reactions video up

✅ I have become grateful for the discipline I have

✨ My Instagram is still racking up views on my “do you ever wish” series, actually all my videos on Instagram are doing ok

About me

Hi 👋 my name is Laura Mai and I’m a marketing consultant looking to make ethical marketing easy. I’m currently doing Alex Hormozi’s 100 day content challenge.

Every day (except Sunday per my religion) I will be doing this challenge and sharing the good, the embarrassing and the enlightening.

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