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If you don’t want to do 75 Hard but want a challenge try what I did instead

A lot is going on this week.

(Pic creds my friend and upcoming podcast guest Mando on threads)

-I just had an exciting meeting with a content creator in Las Vegas and we’re going to create a digital product together.

-I’ve got another podcast filming tomorrow and I’ve finished up editing last month’s episode.

-I’ve got an exciting meeting with one of the people on my episodes for potential work and am in talks with another podcast guest as well. These things are great for business development.

That being said this has been a hard week, but I know what you’re thinking, it feels like every week I say “this has been a hard week” so you know what? I’m starting to think it’s because I like work being this hard.

I like waking up in the morning knowing no one is coming to save me.

I like waking up in the morning knowing if I don’t slay my demons today, they’ll keep me up tomorrow.

I like feeling like I’m only one centimetre past the limits of what I thought was possible yesterday.

To me this is all a game, or a test. I know the input I have to put in is time, and the results will follow.

This challenge changed my life.

I know because of this challenge that I can keep promises to myself. I always feel like I’m running. Now those of you who don’t run regularly might think that sounds awful, maybe because you pictured running away, but to me running feels like the perfect mix of pain and pleasure, or in other words, peace.

If you're looking to build trust within yourself and peace, this challenge would be a good place for you to start.

The rules are:

-100 minutes producing content every day for 100 days

-minimum one thing actually posted every day

-one day off a week

-if you mess up, substract 7 days

If you're interested in doing the 100 day content challenge you can join the waitlist by emailing with your name, your social media links and why you want to do the challenge.

I'll see you back here next week for day 94 (I can't believe it either).

Love you,

Laura Mai

P.S. Here’s where you can connect with me

Instagram/TikTok @lauramaimarketing

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