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Last week I lost $75,000 but it led me to even more.

Day 64 of my 100 day content challenge.

Since starting this challenge I've interviewed best selling authors, gotten thousands of views on the premiere of my podcast, and gained immeasurable trust, respect, and belief in myself. Pretty good so far, but probably not as good as this week.

I started last week with the possibility of a job making $75,000+ a year. I’ve never made that kind of money before, and after my interview Monday morning, I was told on Friday I would get the decision and need to make my decision for the job. This made me realise something really important, I really did not want it. It sounded so boring and being 6 days a week 10 hours a day, would take me away from the work I love.

Would you take a job like that? 

I spent the rest of that day sending emails, Linkedin messages, and making cold calls from a bad list (never again, there are more effective ways) to try and drum up extra money so I wouldn’t have to take this job. Because of how bad the cold calls went, I rewatched Alex Hormozi’s section on cold calling on and ended up browsing on his site. It got to around 8pm Monday night and I was still working when I saw the careers section on the site. There was a sales job I was in no way qualified for for $60,000 a year but gave my heart that boost I need to feel fulfilled in my work.

For those of you who don't know, is a private equity firm that does 100M+ every year founded by Alex and Leila Hormozi shaking up the industry.

Knowing I needed an answer by Friday, I sent Linkedin Messages to people on the because I really wanted this role. I felt I would learn a lot and the hours would let me continue on with my purpose.

Now here’s where the story gets interesting.

A Director of the company responded. Let’s call him Napoleon for now (I listen to Think and Grow Rich every day). Napoleon was super kind, and after allowing me to explain the situation and why I was hoping they could look at my application faster than normal, checked in on it for me. I thought that was the end of our interaction, but then he liked one of my posts talking about my recent podcast with Dan.

A few days later, I got a DM from Napoleon saying something along the lines of “hey, are you free for a call to talk about podcasts?”

I can’t even describe to you how elated this message made me feel. I was so excited. I immediately replied back “Yes.” and we set a date and time.

Friday rolled around and right before my call with Napoleon, I got rejected from the job I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I was surprised as the woman on the phone was trying to sell me on it, telling me my experience was amazing and talking about all the career advancement opportunities I’d have if I took the role, but I let my ego role aside and Thank God, I thought, I know the choice I would have made if I’d been offered the job. I’m glad I didn’t have to make it.

I continued on working until my call with Napoleon. I’ll keep this part short. 

We talked about podcasts.

He told me he had 14 consecutive podcasts coming up.

He asked me to coach him in three months time.

I said yes.

This week I was reminded to take as many shots as you can. You might miss the hoop you were aiming for, but life’s game is different from basketball, there’s more than one hoop you can hit.

Keep going.


Laura Mai


Thank you so much for reading. When I end these blogs with the word love, I mean it. I love you, I want the best for you, and I am rooting for you. This week was full of highs and lows and so much beyond this story I wish I could tell you. This challenge has changed me. I’m not who I was before, I’m so much better and I have so many exciting things planned for you if you want to trust yourself, know you’re capable of anything and fulfil your purpose in this world. If you want to join my free Skool Community where I host content creation sessions each Friday, click here.


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