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How I messed up one of the coolest interviews I've ever done (and how I saved it)

Hi my name is Laura Mai and I'm a marketing expert who wants to help you make excellent marketing easier. I've been doing a 100 day content challenge set by Alex Hormozi, where I've been spending a minimum of 100 minutes on content every day except Sunday (because I'm religious).

Here's day 59

I just found out something soul crushing. Do you want to know what it is? I want to tell you too, but it would spoil too much. Sorry!

I have to wait, I’ll share it with you on the last day of the challenge.

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Changing tactics

Ok let’s get past how devastating what I just learned was, and let me take you through my week of content, starting with the wake-up call I got Tuesday morning watching an online webinar with content expert and founder of NP digital Neil Patel.

You might have noticed I didn’t spam anyone with blog posts and content last week. This is because I changed my strategy over last week’s webinar to spend more time on the thing my videos lack individually which is quality and effort. Everything I do from here on out that is supposed to look produced and be an example of what I’m capable of, I vow to make representative of my best. I’ll update you next week on how that ends up going for me.

Neil started his presentation with something that punched me in the gut. Apparently, £4.6 billion pieces of content are made every single day. The market isn’t starved of quantity anymore, or even quality, and to get any attention your content has to be amazing. Now, through this journey I feel the quantity of content I’ve produced is what kept me dedicated and consistent, but it’s time to focus on making less content better because my best right now, first of all, isn’t my best, and second of all, isn’t good enough.

So I decided it’s time to step up the quality, starting last week.

The mistake I made this week

Chasing the high of my last podcast (which now has almost 6,000 views at the time I’m writing this!) I interviewed one of the coolest people I’ve ever had the chance of talking to, SEO expert with over 25 years of experience Joseph S. Khan (no, he's not the Joseph S. Khan who knows Taylor Swift). 

Joseph had the best Chat GPT hacks I’ve ever heard and was one of those people who has been successful at everything they’ve ever done. I wish I had a mind like his, but second best was getting to ask his questions. The conversation we filmed was literally incredible and I said to him towards the end that I felt there was over $100,000 worth of information just in our thirty minutes. I can't wait for you to watch it.

Unfortunately, when I looked after, twenty seconds into the recording, the recording stopped.

Luckily I used Riverside, so it was just my track that stopped recording. What I ended up doing was rerecording my bit as a live reaction. To be honest, my editor sent me the episode Friday, and I actually think my acting version was better than the original might have been. I might repeat the process in the future, but just between you and I, when you see the episode come out, I’m acting! 

Ok, those were the highlights of my week in this challenge. This upcoming week I’ve gotten myself into something I’m stupidly unprepared for. I’ll let you know how it went next week.


Laura Mai

P.S. What would you have done in my situation? Do you want to start your own podcast? Mistakes are bound to happen in production, knowing the best tools to use as back-ups saved me. If you're interested in starting your own podcast, get in touch! Hosting the People Like Us Podcast and starting my own has given me so much insight in the way of production, planning and promotion. I can walk you through all of the software and production equipment you need with packages starting at $97, and as a bonus for being my blog readers (and fave people ever) I'll throw in a free 45 minute idea session if you spend more than $300.

Send me an email for more information.


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