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I woke up Saturday and applied to be an Uber Eats Driver because of this crazy idea…

I was at Buffalo Wild Wings (apparently called “b dubbs” ?) with some friends from church for a surprise birthday when my friend next to me said “I gotta work after this.”

“What do you do?” I asked.

“Uber Eats, it’s pretty good I can do it whenever.” he said.

I didn’t think much about it after that, until Friday night when I got a flash of inspiration to run a set of experiments.

I used to be a behavioural design consultant, which is applied psychology, and I almost did a PhD after university at Surrey but in the end decided I wanted to start working. That being said, I love psychology and I love experimenting, so I thought I’d run a set of tests over the next twelve months to retest existing psychological principles and see what gets the best tips on Uber Eats.

So that’s how I found myself downloading the Uber drivers app and submitting my license.

I’ll be recording the whole thing and releasing a video once a month on my YouTube channel, I can’t wait to get going with this as soon as my background check is cleared and in the meantime I’ll work on research and design.

I do have to say, I never would have had this idea had I not been out with friends. If you’re like me and can tend to over work, remember it’s a lot easier and more interesting to write when you have something to write about.

So this is your Monday reminder to get out there and live your life (even if it brings you to somewhere questionable like b dubbs…)


Laura Mai

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