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Another famous artist noticed my poetry page!

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Hi 👋 my name is Laura Mai and I’m a marketing consultant looking to make ethical marketing easy. I’m currently doing Alex Hormozi’s 100 day content challenge.

Every day (except Sunday per my religion) I will be doing this challenge and sharing the good, the embarrassing and the enlightening.

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Day nineteen:

Yesterday I felt more inspired than I have the past few days as I felt my health come back.

I’m currently in Lake Como with a friend from University and part of me is panicking at how I’m going to get everything done.

I know I haven’t been sacrificing enough to make my dreams come true this week. I’m really excited to be settled in January in Las Vegas and have a more stable environment.

I no longer want to be a travelling marketing consultant, it’s too much of a distraction for me. I feel like when I travel it’s because I’m trying to escape my real life.

Time spent Monday: 135 minutes

What I made:

-2 Tik toks (30 minutes)

-2 blogs (50 minutes)

-1 longer form video (15 minutes)

-1 posts for my poetry page (10 minutes)

-2 LinkedIn posts (20 minutes)

-Instagram post and stories (5 minutes)

-Additional emails and posting on different pages (5 minutes)

PRES challenge check in: click here for info on this part of the challenge

Prayers ✅

Reading ✅

Exercise ✅

Act of Service ✅


My struggles are just general fatigue and the feeling I’m not doing enough.

The PRES challenge helped with this.

I’m getting faster at doing everything so I’m having to do more to meet the time requirement for this challenge.

Lastly, I wrote another guest blog on food addiction and the workplace, but I need to go back and edit it today because it is too ‘me’ focused.

What went well:

Another famous music artist sent me a comment about my poetry! I'm going to be honest though

  • I choose smaller artists on purpose so they would notice me

  • The goal is to get reposted

  • I did not get reposted

I’m going to change my poetry account. I need to target someone who might actually want to read it, not just someone I want to notice me.

I’ve wanted a job at Microsoft for a long time, I’m thinking about changing my poetry account to purely poetry about Microsoft for the rest of this challenge with a bio that reads “I want a marketing job at Microsoft.”

I have nothing to lose. 🫡

I also have been getting more enquiries about people wanting to hire me.

Lastly, I had this Instagram reel which performed well.

Key takeaways of the day:

-  Travelling is too much is too tiring and not healthy for me. I need to be somewhere with a stable community

-Experience is making me faster

-When you are small take risks

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