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A three second clip I made is killing it on Instagram

Hi 👋 my name is Laura Mai and I’m a marketing consultant looking to make ethical marketing easy. I’m currently doing Alex Hormozi’s 100 day content challenge.

Every day (except Sunday per my religion) I will be doing this challenge and sharing the good, the embarrassing and the enlightening.

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Day twenty five:

Hello from Heathrow! I’m on my way back to the states and really finding my groove.

Content has become easy to produce. For example, this blog post used to be my first morning task because I found it so difficult, but now I find I can do it any time.

Im focusing on other areas of my life, but this 100 minutes feels routine now, and social media is that “one more post” mentality when I have a little bit more to give. It feels like a muscle that’s gotten stronger and I’m so proud of myself.

Time spent Monday: 130 minutes

What I made:

-4 Tik Toks (30 minutes)

-1 blog (30 minutes)

-1 posts for my poetry page (10 minutes)

-2 LinkedIn posts (15 minutes)

-Instagram posts and stories (10 minutes)

-Additional emails and posting on different pages (5 minutes)

  • SEO training (30 minutes)

PRES challenge check in: click here for info on this part of the challenge

Prayers ✅

Reading ✅

Exercise ✅

Act of Service 🥺 nope, barely left the hotel room

Struggles and what went well

None of my content performed super well but some of my older posts are racking how views, especially this one of my friend and I:

I don’t think I’m getting any followers from my key audience with this, but I think it shows who I am and I like that.

I figured out partly how to make a Google Ad from the SEO course. I’m going to figure out how to promote Dan’s video now. Also he sent me a really nice email, reminds me I need to get back to him.

Key takeaways of the day:

  • think of social media as a muscle to train

  • I've said it before but, short clips perform better!! This is because of how the algorithm works. Full views are reach boosters

  • I need to start doing more with my content once I’m back home, I’m ready to level up

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