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If you know the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, read this!

Hi 👋 my name is Laura Mai and I’m your happy healthy travelling marketing consultant. My goal is to make ethical marketing easy.

Seventeen days ago I started a challenge set by Alex Hormozi in his training on to spend 100 minutes on content every day for 100 days.

Every day (except Sunday per my religion) I will be doing this challenge and sharing what I learned that you can apply.

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Day fifteen:

I am so happy it’s Saturday. Right now it’s pouring outside but secretly I’m happy because I get to stay inside.

I’ll start fasting at mid day today and I’m going to limit my phone and work time after then, which means I’ve got a lot to do this morning.

I’m think I figured out why I don’t feel worthy, my mood has lifted but I still can’t shake the thoughts that I’m not enough, and it’s because...

I don’t feel self sufficient.

This was a great revelation for me. I love problems because there is always a solution. So I’m working on fixing that, and I’m the mean time getting on with the challenge.

Time spent yesterday: 170 minutes

What I made:

-2 Tik toks (35 minutes)

-1 blog (30 minutes)

-1 posts for my poetry page (5 minutes)

-Instagram post and stories (35 minutes)

-Additional emails and posting on different pages (5 minutes)

-editing (60 minutes)


Video editing is such a struggle!

I’m still editing my video with Dan but I’m also upping my editing camera on Tik Tok.

I’ll put the video I made below here:

My output was also lower yesterday than normal because editing took so long. I don’t think my Tik Tok was anything special, I am trying to talk more about ethical branding in my Tik Toks but I was at a friends house and the quality isn’t the best.

I also made an IG carousel which looks good but got low engagement.

What went well:

I posted a Tik Tok about child star Dylan Sprouse from Suite Life of Zack and Cody which did well on Tik Tok.

I’ll put the video here:

I also just feel more competent and like I’m learning every day. This challenge is bringing about a huge sense of accomplishment within me.

Key takeaways of the day:

  • Finding a problem is great because problems have solutions

  • Testing phases are normally low engagement

  • Focus on skills you’re gaining during this time to stay motivated

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