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I moved to Las Vegas

This post is dedicated to my bed 🫶🏼 te amo

Yesterday I landed in Las Vegas at about 3pm. As I walked off the plane into the airport I was struck by an overwhelming feeling of excitement, and by a sight of about 30 slot machines and the smell of brownies.

My mom’s friend drove us to her car and she drove me to get a sushi burrito across the street before we arrived at our hotel, which is where I’m working (if you can call it that) from today.

I always take Sundays off, and although I didn’t work all day, I flew all day which has left me feeling exhausted. It doesn’t help that I got up at 4:00 am this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. You know those days where you barely leave your bed?

That’s today for me. I need it and I don’t feel bad about it. I’m a bare minimum girly today and that’s ok, I won’t be able to survive the rest of the week if I don’t take today. Today’s rest is productive and needed (I say more for myself than anything) maybe you need a rest too, you don’t need to feel guilty for not giving 110% all the time.

I did the bare minimum today, but I did keep one promise to myself that scared me, which I’ll talk about below. 👇

About me

Hi 👋 my name is Laura Mai and I’m a marketing consultant looking to make ethical marketing easy. I’m currently doing Alex Hormozi’s 100 day content challenge.

Every day (except Sunday per my religion) I will be doing this challenge and sharing the good, the embarrassing and the enlightening.

Day 46

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Time spent Yesterday: 100 minutes + ✅

What I made:

I uploaded a GMAT video to YouTube, I wrote this blog post, but most of all I announced a date of launch for my podcast, which I’ve been majorly procrastinating. It’s do or die now so I need today to recover so I can be full on tomorrow. I also did my five threads.

All I have left to do today is my TikTok/ Instagram post for the day. Then I’m done.

I felt like how I used to feel when I vaped after posting the podcast announcement. Not like when I vaped the first time but after a while it feels like relief, the nice thing about the relief I got from the announcement is it’s lasted. I actually faced the problem and my dread lifted.

Today was a good reminder of why I don’t procrastinate anymore. I don’t like feeling anxious for long, no one does.

PRES check in

Prayers ✅

Reading ✅

Exercise ✅

Act of Service ✅

Sleep challenge ✅ didn’t help much though (read more here)

The end

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