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I got a stomach bug, did I fail the challenge?

Hi 👋 my name is Laura Mai and I’m your happy healthy travelling marketing consultant. My goal is to make ethical marketing easy.

Nineteen days ago I started a challenge set by Alex Hormozi in his training on to spend 100 minutes on content every day for 100 days.

Every day (except Sunday per my religion) I will be doing this challenge and sharing what I learned that you can apply.

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Day seventeen:

How are you doing? If you’re still here reading my journey, I want you to know how much I appreciate you.

If you have any questions, my DM’s are always open.

How do you overcome problems? When do you normally give up and why? What are things that could’ve kept you going?

I’m in that weird place where nothings really working, I’m testing a bunch of stuff and I know I just have to be patient. This place is hard.


I think this Tik Tok I made yesterday sums up my struggles:

I have a mental and physical block at the moment. I’m not quite sure how to make what I want to make well.

I want to do a travel blog this week but I can’t help but cringe at myself. I just need to do it.

What went well:

The win yesterday was high instagram story interaction and honestly- just getting things done. I’m realising how deeply bothered I would be missing a day that isn’t Sunday because I am obsessed. I really want this.

I got a stomach bug second half of yesterday and it was difficult to push through, but I did it and I’m proud.

My stomach bug yesterday also helped fuel my content for today.

Time spent Monday: 120 minutes

What I made:

-2 Tik toks (40 minutes)

-2 blog (60 minutes)

-1 posts for my poetry page (10 minutes)

-Instagram post and stories (5 minutes)

-Additional emails and posting on different pages (5 minutes)

Key takeaways of the day:

  • you’re amazing and I appreciate you if you’re reading this

  • Some days inspiration is low

  • If you want to keep going, be obsessed

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