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I got 1000+ views in three days on my first podcast episode!

I started today at 5:20am. I breathed a sigh of relief waking up because my first call of the day started at 7am and I wanted enough time to go to the gym. As I tossed myself out of bed and got dressed, I felt light and energised after a day of rest yesterday.

My daily excercise

I went to the gym and ran a mile and did weights for 20 minutes. That’s all I normally do. I feel like I use exercise in the morning the same way people use a drink at night. It’s become so ritualistic I’ve become anxious on days I can’t use exercise to escape for a while. How do you feel about exercise? Do you think you’d do it more if you thought about it like me? 

I cut clients loose after this call

After working out I drove home and quickly made myself breakfast before getting on calls with my friends and business advisors Shaline and Kris who I met when I spoke at Lord’s Cricket Ground for People Like Us. I’ve been struggling with money starting a business, they reminded me of my value and told me I needed to stop doing so much free work. I sent some tough emails after our talk, but I know I had to.

I broke down in tears, but then had a breakthrough

At 8:30am I had a call with my life coach, who I met at the same event I know Shaline and Kris from. I broke down on this call in tears. Normally when people ask me questions on what to do, I have answers, but Tanya asked me how I plan to advertise myself and I broke down in tears because even though I can promote other people, I’m still learning how to do it for myself. After my breakdown though, Tanya gave me a breakthrough and now I’m offering my freelance services directly to agencies instead of to clients themselves. The call ended and I set myself a challenge of reaching out to five agencies a day and following up with 5 agencies a day, if you’re reading this and you know anyone, let me know, I’m offering 67% off my first month of work.

How I got my YouTube video to 1000+ views

It was also during this call that I checked in on how my YouTube video with Dan was doing. I was floored… 1000 views! I hired a girl on Fiverr as you know and I just checked and she started her campaign. I’m excited to try testing my own ads next week and see if I can beat her. It will be fun experimenting with the best bang for buck on YT advertising. If you want to know the results of my experiment, make sure you follow me to get notified when that post goes live.

You can watch the whole video below, if you're interested in starting your own podcast, get in touch! Hosting the People Like Us Podcast and starting my own has given me so much insight in the way of production, planning and promotion. I can walk you through all of the software and production equipment you need for an introductory price of $97 which includes two half hour sessions where we'll talk about your ideas and logistical info. I'll also include a podcast guide FOC for people who take on this offer before 27th of February.

For the rest of today I have to make

  • Reaction YouTube video to Jordan Peterson Clips

  • Upload this blog

  • GMAT YouTube 

  • Poem for my poetry page

That’s it for today. I posted something risky just now, but I’ll tell you about the video tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading 🤍

Laura Mai


The other day I was watching a video that explained why spending extra time to be 1% better matters. They put it like this. Working an extra fifty hours to become 1% better might not seem like a good use of time, but the difference between gold and silver often comes down to a second.

And what’s the difference between gold and silver?


With that in mind, I’ve resolved to spend longer on tasks. Normally, I do blog posts just to get them done. Today, I’m spending a solid hour (I have the timer on). I’ll tell you tomorrow if it made any difference.

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Jan 16
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

It is always an honour to walk your courageous path alongside you Laura. I so enjoy our sessions. Tanya xx

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