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I did this cringe thing for views

Six days ago I started a challenge set by Alex Hormozi in his training on to spend 100 minutes on content every day for 100 days.

Every day (except Sunday per my religion) I will be doing this challenge and sharing what I learned that you can apply.

Day five

I struggled yesterday, and it wasn’t because of the actual work, but I think from riding the high of two big things happening (my favourite bestselling author agreed to interview with me and a popular music artist noticed my poems) the past two days, I subconsciously was focused on the outputs of my content vs. the input (which is the focus of the challenge).

Good things still happened, so let’s get into what I made, how it did, and what I learned.

Here’s what I made:

Time spent: 235 minutes

What I made:

  • 5 Tik toks (60 minutes)

  • Tik Tok stories (probably 10-15 minutes total throughout the day)

  • 3 posts for my poetry page (35 minutes)

  • Posted a blog (60 minutes)

  • 2 LinkedIn Posts (20 minutes)

  • Instagram reel and stories (15 minutes)

  • Additional emails and posting on different pages (20 minutes)


I’m still struggling with getting applications for the blog, I posted a skit for an ad and I’ve decided my motto at this point is “work so hard you don’t have time to cringe”. I'll put it below so you can cringe for me:

I think the worst part is it barely even worked!

I’m going to switch tactics. I think I need to start DM’ing people 1:1. Once people start writing I’m hoping it picks up from there.

Again, one of my Tik Toks on remote work hacks got shadow banned immediately, I really don’t know why but it was frustrating. None of my Tik Toks got many views, which means I need to spend more time on the actual content.

I’m going to focus on making three Tik Toks today and making them really good.

What went well:

My best performing post was my blog post from yesterday and the video I posted on LinkedIn in my words of wisdom series, which I’ll put below👇

For my poetry account, I got put in a writers engagement group and gained 10 followers during the day, which was a move in a positive direction.

On a personal note, I’ve had many people telling me 1:1 they’re noticing what I’m doing and that they’re impressed by it.

As much as I use metrics to determine whether my content is moving in the right direction, I learned a long time ago it’s better to have better people in the room versus just more people in the room.

Key takeaways of the day:

  • I need to spend more time making sure my Tik Toks are engaging

  • Small creators should get involved in engagement groups

  • I shouldn’t base my success of a day off of pure outputs if I want to feel good throughout this challenge

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