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A big brand noticed me! + a really embarrassing thing that happened to me

Hi 👋 my name is Laura Mai and I’m a travelling marketing consultant looking to make great marketing mainstream.

Twelve days ago I started a challenge set by Alex Hormozi in his training on to spend 100 minutes on content every day for 100 days.

Every day (except Sunday per my religion) I will be doing this challenge and sharing what I learned that you can apply.

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Day Ten:

I’m writing this on Monday and I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have had yesterday off. My brain needed the break. I’ve started today feel ready to charge forward again. I’ll put some photos of what I’ve been up to below. 👇

I’m reflecting back two days ago and it already feels so far away.

Doing this challenge while travelling has been really fun and made my content more inspired. Although there is something super awkward that happened which I’ll get into later.

Here’s what I made on Saturday:

Time spent: 115 minutes

What I made:

  • 3 Tik toks (30 minutes)

  • 1 blog (30 minutes)

  • 1 posts for my poetry page (10 minutes)

  • 1 LinkedIn Posts (15 minutes)

  • Instagram reel and stories (20 minutes)

  • Additional emails and posting on different pages (10 minutes)


I was making Tik Toks in my room in my hostel when all of a sudden I heard a cough.


I wanted to die. She ended up being really nice though and told me I could keep going. I ended up waiting until she left and edited together different styles of video instead which included travel clips.

What went well:

The quality of my content is getting so much better, and I’m proud of my work. Just look at the poetry reel I made this morning vs. A few weeks ago:



I also got a video reposted by a popular hostel chain!

Key takeaways of the day:

  • Breaks are so important

  • Triple check the room before filming

  • Good content will come before good results I just need to be patient with myself

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