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100 day content challenge: day one

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Yesterday I started a challenge set by Alex Hormozi in his training on to spend 100 minutes on content every day for 100 days.

Every day (except Sunday per my religion) I will be doing this challenge and sharing what I learned on my blog that you can apply if you're wanting to grow on social media. I currently spend my focus on TikTok, LinkedIn, my poetry page and my blog, here's my day one summary:

Time spent: 380 minutes (day one always bound to go over)

What I made:

- 7 TikToks

- A thumbnail for YouTube & these blog posts

- 4 posts for my poetry page + one extra poem for tomorrow

- Made 5 LinkedIn Ads

- Set up a LI page for my blog

- Took photos for LinkedIn

-1 written post for LinkedIn

Of these, one of my TikToks performed better than average. I’ve put it below so you can watch.

I also figured out how to set up A/B testing on Linkedin Ads, only to realise the minimum spend is $700, which will require more careful analysis on ROI on my part.

Setting up Linkedin Add was honestly a super frustrating experience and there are a lot of steps, even for someone like myself who is tech savvy.

Key takeaways of the day:

- Shorter Tik Toks are more likely to get views, my guess is this is because when you're a newer creative it is easier to reward without being boring

- I need to learn how to be more engaging in longer form videos

- Linkedin Ads have A/B testing where you can test up to 10 ads.

- Linkedin Ads are annoying to set up

- Linkedin Ads are expensive


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