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When is our society projected to collapse? (according to MIT and KPMG)

Let me start by telling you how I got to this seemingly sad and conspiracy theory sort of question.

Recently I was watching a sermon from Elevation Worship (don’t worry this is not a religious article). The Pastor said “if God isn’t giving you answers, pray for better questions.”

If you’re like me and you’re always asking yourself what’s going on in your life and how you feel about it and if it’s right for you, congrats, you’re an overthinker like me (and also please stop thinking about that one thing you said that was kind of rude to a coworker five years ago because you’re still embarrassed about it.)

Anyways, I’ve been fishing for answers lately and getting bites but no trout. So I took Pastor Steven’s advice and I started searching for better questions around the trouble you're facing.

Wait! Before we get to the good stuff...

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Back to the article, the Pastor suggested I start with the question:

What does it matter?

For example, if you're wondering what 'they're going to think' you know you're on a bad line of questioning because the answer doesn't bring you closer to your truth.

When figuring out ‘what does it matter?’ it made me wonder how long it would all matter for, which led me to look into when society is meant to collapse.

The signs of a society collapsing are

  • Natural catastrophe, such as earthquake, flood, or climate change

  • War, invasion, or mass migration

  • Pestilence, famine, or disease outbreaks

  • Economic collapse, depression, or population decline

  • Loss of resources, such as soil, forest, or water

  • Sabotage or assimilation by rival civilizations

According to MIT society is set to collapse by 2040, but KPMG says we’re ahead of schedule and society is actually set to collapse by 2030. You can watch the full video below.

Which means your biggest problems might only matter for seven more years maximum, but it's not the time that matters.

This doesn’t have to scare you, I didn’t write this to fill you with fear. It’s normally for societies to collapse, but talking about endings has a way of making you feel grateful for what you already have. You forget how good life is until you think about losing it.

It reminded me of the lucky girl trend on Tik Tok.

Before you discount the trend because it came from Tik Tok, hear me out.

Every challenge, every hardship happens for a reason, even if you can’t see it right now. There aren’t people that got away, there aren’t opportunities you missed out on and there isn’t time wasted. These aren’t things you’ve missed, and if you’re thinking that way stop it.

These aren’t things you’ve missed, these are things that have prepared you.

In summary, you might be facing hardship, but everything is temporary and has prepared you for who you are meant to be.

I challenge you to count your blessings. Write down five of them, and when you’re feeling lucky think about this: Can you act differently today knowing everything will work out for you?


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