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Which presidential candidate are you rooting for?

Every four years the circus, I mean the presidential election, takes over America.

It’s like watching the marketing equivalent of a tennis match- although the election in recent years has had severely less prestige and tact and a lot more crazy.

For example, the Telegraph states “Donald Trump was prepared to quit the US presidential election race for $5bn, it has been claimed. Representatives of the former president are said to have floated a figure of $5bn (£4.1bn) when they were approached by the accused cryptocurrency fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried. The FTX founder was “exploring the legality” of buying off Mr Trump to ensure he didn’t stand in the 2020 election, according to a new book.”

The carnage that occurs every four years as candidates run happens because there’s a lot on the line. So who is running for president in 2024? Are people really going to vote for Trump? Who is in second place? Do they have a shot?

Let’s look at the main candidates and their popularity.

The candidates:

There are far more republican candidates than democratic candidates.

The below graphs show the % favorability in this election.

The front runners are Trump and Biden for each major US political party. However, a poll reported by Forbes explains Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is viewed more favourably than any candidate in the poll, but infers he is still largely unknown.

About those in second place (from NBC):

Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida and a former U.S. representative, has long been viewed as the strongest potential challenger to Trump. He gained national attention and praise from the right for his pandemic response, along with his approach to issues such as immigration and LGBTQ rights. DeSantis has been reluctant to directly target Trump and has not said whether he would support him as the eventual nominee, instead focusing on criticisms of the Biden administration’s policies and tacking to Trump’s right on issues.

Campaign positions

  • Encourage Congress to take up nationwide school choice legislation

  • Supports the six-week abortion ban he signed into law in his state. That law includes exceptions for rape and incest up to 15 weeks.

  • Has not taken a position on whether the U.S. should send more military assistance or weapons to Ukraine

  • Declare a national emergency to mobilize more resources to the southern border and "construct the border wall"

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., son of Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of President John F. Kennedy, is an environmental lawyer and author. Kennedy is a vocal anti-vaccine activist and leads the Children’s Health Defense, a nonprofit group that has been suspended from Facebook and Instagram after spreading Covid misinformation.

Campaign positions

  • “Dismantle the censorship-industrial complex, in which Big Tech censors, deplatforms, shadowbans, and algorithmically suppresses any person or opinion the government asks them to.”

  • “Transform the police”; “train them in deescalation and mediation skills and partner them with neighborhood organizations.”

  • “Significantly drop the level of chronic disease in our children.” (Kennedy has blamed childhood vaccines for autism.)

  • “Lead the way toward national reconciliation”; “take racial healing seriously through a program of Targeted Community Repair.”

It does seem likely we’ll have another Trump-Biden showdown but it is rumoured Robert F. Kennedy Jr., , will be making a bid as an independent on 9th October 2023.

I personally can’t wait to see what unfolds this presidential election, although all of me hopes somehow we are able to come together as a nation and Americans begin to respect all people- even those they don’t agree with.

If you want to know which candidate you align with best, you can go to as a starting place. The site has a free quiz that matches your values to a candidate.

Also, if you're interested in submitting an article on a topic you're passionate about: Click here


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