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What does the American Nightmare tell us about peace and success?

Let’s go back to the American Dream of a white picket fence, a well-paying job and high social status. It’s not so different in our modern era, except the white picket fence has become a mansion in the hills, the well-paying job has become the CEO of a fortune 500 company, and the high social status has become a minimum of one million followers to mean anything. Hopefully, by the time you’re 15, but definitely before you’re still 30. The stories of hyper-success we are shown project a false of what is possible for most people creating a feeling that it’s not enough to have enough to get by anymore, and it’s killing Western society- mentally and physically.

This short term mindset for success in all areas of life is what's hurting society. A good example of this is American Drug use. Almost 70% of Americans take some form of prescription drug, but the problem extends beyond that. Personally, I know a lot of people who have used study drugs like adderall, and other stimulants like cocaine and most people I know are either highly exceeding or restricting their daily limits for calories, and over-consuming caffeine, nicotine or alcohol.

We are wired to think short-term, but sustained happiness is based on better foundations which is why there is a lack of peace despite having so much material wealth. Stay tuned for tommorrow for what this means for us and how you can do differently.

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