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The simple cheat code from a soon to be billionaire to avoid failure.

If you’re anything like me you see amazing people doing amazing things and feel like you don’t measure up. From talking to any one of them, I can tell you most of these ‘overnight successes’ took anywhere from 3-10 years and there was one secret to their success... 

The top 1% all has this in common

If you’re going through a challenge, especially a challenge with a worthwhile prize, someone has quit at the point in their journey you’re at right now. The difference between winning and losing over a lifetime isn’t luck, it’s something else. 

A 2020 study reveals…

They wanted to find out what factors predict the success of the cadets, who have to go through a very challenging and demanding training program. They measured the cadets’ cognitive ability, physical ability, and grit, which is the passion and perseverance for long-term goals. They found that grit was the most important factor for completing the training program, and also for graduating from the academy in four years. 

They found grit was more important than cognitive or physical ability for achieving these goals. Which reminded me you don’t have to be naturally talented, you just have to be consistently trying.

So what's this cheat code I promised?

Well, earlier this week I watched a video from Alex Hormozi where he said

“I told myself, I can’t fail if I don’t quit.”

To be in the top 1% of something it's simple, don’t quit.


Laura Mai

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