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How different generations judge 'professionalism' on social media

Are you a small business owner looking to get into social media? In this series Taylor Aselin is sharing how she got into real estate and grew her brand online as a young woman in America. Taylor will be sharing her journey along with tips you can use.

Where I left you last…

“Back at home, and newly licensed, I began a plan. I started following as many other real estate agents as I could, and had even found a couple Instagram accounts that focussed on post ideas for realtors. I copied a few videos I had seen, like fun facts about myself, and get to know your realtor videos.

They were difficult at first because I hadn’t found a sense of comfortability in being on camera yet. I had heard it a thousand times before, but it’s true that you have to just do it, and the more you do it, the easier it will be.”

The roadblock I hit

I was having so much fun starting to create a brand for myself, when I was met with a roadblock. My mom, who is my inspiration for getting into real estate, felt that my posts weren’t ‘professional enough’. We had many talks about being professional, and polished, but ultimately we are from different generations, and see professionality a different way.

Her way is completely valid, and has been working for her for many years. But, I am from a generation that grew up in a time of social media. I had even studied it in college, and learned all about how effective using social media is as a form of communication. Online, I see so many people being successful in whatever field they are in, and they do it while being professional, but also not hiding themselves.

Many real estate agents, (typically middle-aged), post very generic, pre-written advice posts for clients. They don’t post pictures of themselves, nor do they make videos. It feels extremely inauthentic, dry, and bland, and I knew that I couldn't do that.

How I overcame my roadblock

Ultimately, I felt defeated. I knew that I had so much to offer through content creation, and a voice to be shared, but I didn’t want to disappoint my mom. So, I stopped for a while. Months passed, and I realized I had been incredibly naive in thinking that success in my field would come immediately… well maybe not immediately, but much quicker than it was!

In July, I had joined a group within my brokerage, called ‘eXp Young Professionals’, where I have since become friends with so many incredible young people in the industry, from all over the U.S. Through them, I have learned so much, and have seen how authentic and capable they are in their work. It suddenly became clear to me that I had to try social media again. I knew I was missing out on so much potential success, by giving up.

With the help of my fellow young professionals, and my good friend Jake, (who is a content creator, and runs a great social media platform and podcast, called Iggy Sports Talk), I had an entire arsenal of advice, tips, and other content ideas that I could start immediately. Jake kindly taught me how to use CapCut, which is a very user-friendly video editing app, and I began making short videos as practice.

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