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Guest Blog: How Taylor grew her small business with social media

Are you a small business owner looking to get into social media? In this series Taylor Aselin is sharing how she got into real estate and grew her brand online as a young woman in America. Taylor will be sharing her journey along with tips you can use.

As a young entrepreneur living in the age of technology, I’ve learned you can create a unique brand for yourself, and to implement that through the creation of social media content. The ways in which we connect with others, create reach, and cultivate a pathway to generating income, generally now occur through the use of social media.

As a 24 year old real estate agent, I’ve seen firsthand the effects that content creation can have on an entrepreneurial business, and I have learned enough to implement my own skills, experience, and personality into my own social media platforms to gain success; although it hasn’t always been so easy!

How I got involved in Real Estate

After a long process of studying real estate, I finally had gotten licensed at the end of January 2023. As a new agent, I felt extremely insecure and confused on where to begin. I had the pleasure of attending my brokerage's week-long workshop event in Las Vegas even before I was licensed, the previous October.

My mother, (who has been in the industry since 2008, is within the top 10 in our state, and within the top 50 out of 90,000 agents across the country in our brokerage), generously took me with her to learn all that I could, and to gain an introduction into the field.

There, I was introduced to hundreds of agents. I quickly understood that the most successful of the agents, the ones who were mainly guest speakers, had gained much success through creating a unique brand of themselves. They had personality, and a unique story that they told authentically.

How the conference inspired me & what I did

I was instantly inspired. My entire life, I had thrived in creativity. My free time is spent creating art, painting, decorating, and writing. Here, I had learned that I can implement a sort of creative element into my real estate business, and that I could also be authentic to myself; which is something necessary in whatever I do.

Back at home, and newly licensed, I began a plan. I started following as many other real estate agents as I could, and had even found a couple Instagram accounts that focused on post ideas for realtors. I copied a few videos I had seen, like fun facts about myself, and 'get to know your realtor' videos.

They were difficult at first because I hadn’t found a sense of comfort in being on camera yet. I had heard it a thousand times before, but it’s true that you have to just do it, and the more you do it, the easier it will be.

Thanks for reading!

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