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How I created an online course, edited 47 videos and a video trailer in Spanish in a week.

Good morning, it’s 4:47 am and I am so glad I get to work again without guilt (I try to not work on Sundays because of my religion, kinda keep failing at it because I can not turn off). I feel like I just took a hit of a vape.

Realization of the week, happiness isn't as good for me as this...

About a month ago I was sitting at my friend Priscilla’s house after church. She said to me “I feel like I turn away from God when I’m sad.” 

“I feel like I turn away from God when I’m happy.” I said.

Sure, two people can have a different relationship with religion, but that wasn’t the case here. Thinking about it harder I realized I’d spent my life mistaking highs for happiness.

I’ve done a lot of work over the past year undoing this because chasing happiness never made me any happier, but you know what does make me happy? Being useful.

So, here are three ways I was useful this week and how I did them step by step.

If you want to know more about any of it. Book a call with me.

The Trailer:

I created ad assets for an ad campaign in Spanish (which I barely speak) using AI in two hours for the center I volunteer at that teaches free English to Spanish speakers.

How I did it:

Step one: screen record

💡 The first thing I did was went to YouTube, played the videos in the highest quality and used snipping tool (I have a PC), for Mac hit Command + Shift + 5 but only do this if you have permission to use the footage

Step two: Step two: use CapCut to auto generate captions

🧠 The next thing I did was import the videos into Capcut  and auto generated English and Spanish subtitles so you know what’s being said. From there I made my usual cuts.

Step three: isolate vocals 

🎶 Because all the videos had different music I had to isolate the vocals which can be found under audio for each video, then I just had to add new music

And there you go, video done! ✔️

The Online Course:

I built a 7 day course that will funnel into a 6 week course in three days.

Base outline here from last week here.

  • Used Canva and their “record yourself feature” 

    • Why? So I can make live changes based on feedback that will reflect on the public view link immediately & save me time reuploading. Long term this will allow me to consistently be iterating the product based on customer needs with less friction.

  • Created the course on Sutra. This was because I could integrate the Canva slides and journal features I wanted seamlessly

  • Got onto a networking group to find people to test it (still open to having more people go through it free to make it the best it can be, if you’re interested message me)

The 47 Videos: 

I edited 47 videos (24 long form and 23 short form) in two days.

How I did it 💡

Pre step: deleting videos and upgrading storage to avoid messages likes this 🤨

- a lot of hours all at once and sacrificing time with friends and family (there is no way around this) but…

I worked faster using a new AI tool from CapCut

Program I used: CapCut

Step one: generate AI short clips (desktop version only)

Step two: select 60s or less clips

Step three: use auto generated clips as a rough draft, edit out unnecessary footage and make sure there is a story arc and a payoff at the end. You still need to make sure videos follow the hook, retain, reward format. If you don’t know what this means feel free to message me.

Step four: if part of the story is missing, re add the clip and add the context necessary

Step five: edit filler words out of auto captions like um, eh etc.

Step six: edit cover (I hated every AI generated title cover hook)

Step seven: add call to actions and additional graphics. 👍🏽 I like Jitter and for those fancy follow animations and progress bars

What I learned:

💡 AI is great at finding the beginning of a great moment but not the end

💡 pro tip: just remember for animations to make the background a bright green colour so you can remove it using the chroma key

What I’m testing:

🧠3 styles of call to actions (comment the word “x”, check the caption, and an animation) all with the goal of directing people to a website

🧠progress bars, kind of like a countdown. Seeing if it keeps people more engaged.

🧠reels vs. Carousels with a photo on the first slide and a video on the second on Instagram.

Getting the bulk of the work done using AI gives me the time to add detail and make the videos as good as they can be.

Quotes I liked from this week:

What’s coming up this week for content:

  • Trailer launch for Dan Ariely’s Bureaucracy campaign - write post on how to create a trailer

  • Create Slides for 6 week course weeks 1-2

  • Filming out YouTube Videos and Tutorials for Canva, CapCut and Riverside

  • Editing upcoming podcast episode with Mando Sallavanti (priority)

  • Have the testing group start running through the course

  • Create reels on AI tools Arbor, TinyCal and CapCut’s new short feature + photos and continue my 100 days of no challenge

Three Videos I watched last week that made me better:

P.S. Here’s where you can connect with me

Instagram/TikTok @lauramaimarketing

Book a free 15 minute call Here


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