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Why do millionaires cheat more?

I’m writing to you at 4:44 am Wednesday on my phone in bed before I have to post this blog at 9am. It’s been almost a year since I started, and I haven’t missed the deadline I set for myself once. I’ve decided this won’t be the week I do.

What question are we exploring this week?

If you haven’t noticed by now, there are a lot of questions that keep me up at night. I’ve actually been up since 3:14am with a few more I won’t bother you with. The question we’re exploring this week is: Are millionaires bad at relationships?

This week in this series exploring the relationship between health and success, we’re talking about how millionaires act in relationships, which, in a study from Harvard, is shown to be the number one predictor of longevity. Yes. More than stopping drinking or smoking or going to the gym. That is to say, relationships are crucial to health.

Specifically, we’re looking at the romantic relationships, friendships and family ties of millionaires. What I found along the way about online dating, the male sexlessness epidemic and loneliness were interesting to me, so we're going to talk about that too.

What do you think the answer will be?

Before you read on, let’s recap what we already know about millionaires and people who are wealthier (top 10% of society).

With that in mind.

What do you think the relationships of millionaires look like?

What the data says about the relationships of millionaires

There are numerous articles online stating rich people are worse in relationships due to a lack of “wise reasoning”. The problem is they’re all kind of quoting the same study. Looking deeper into outcomes, male millionaires are more likely to be married than female millionaires by a significant amount, and despite the media always highlighting failed celebrity marriages, the divorce rate among millionair