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Three key secrets you need to know about hybrid communities

These past few months I’ve taken you along with me in my journey to understand what community means and how we can create better communities in a hybrid world.

Hybrid working has opened up so many opportunities. It’s given people with different backgrounds, personality types, disabilities and neurodiverse brains have a better chance for success. We have a long way to go to provide equal opportunity, but digital transformation has given us a great start.

The new digital world isn’t without its challenges. No system is perfect and as we learn to optimise a hybrid world, your organisations are learning which sacrifices to choose in order to optimise this opportunity for you.

What are my main takeaways?

Throughout this blog series I explored many theories and ideas of community, but as my friend Lou Nylander, founder of Wildflowers of London, once told me - always stick to three points or less.

  • Traditional communities involve being bonded by physical location, but engaged digital communities can form when they have shared purpose, shared values and are given the benefit of the doubt

  • In a digital world, people behave differently, there are more opportunities for repetition to use memory design to help people remember your purpose and values

  • Simultaneously allowing people to be different was as important as connecting people because they were the same. That means providing equal opportunities to every person in your hybrid communities to give them the best chance of success.

What did you learn?

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