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Today... launching a campaign for NYT Bestselling Author Dan Ariely + editing hack, quotes & videos of the week that made me better

I’m in a home straight out of a storybook right now with my mentor and his wife from my church for Easter. It’s so cute here. They put me in a room they call “The Duchess Room.” When I came in on Saturday (I made it by the grace of God btw, I suck at driving, certainly not helping the asian female stereotype but take it up with my lawyer lol) I slept well for the first time in a while and enjoyed a nice Easter yesterday.

But… in the background of my mind I kept thinking about Dan Ariely’s campaign which is launching today. I’m not supposed to work on Sundays but the past few months I have been anyways because I can’t get work out of my mind. There was a point yesterday where I was so tired and was sent up for a nap, but I just worked in secret but honestly, thank God I did because there was a mistake on the trailer because we pushed back launch due to Daniel Kanheman’s passing at Dan’s request (seriously he’s one of the nicest people I know). I fixed it and everything is scheduled to go out, but I’m nervous.

Dan likes the work, but I’m worried it’s not good enough. I’ve done my best, but what if my best wasn’t what was necessary? I know I’m overthinking it and nervous, but I can’t help it, I’ve never done something this big before, but one thing is for sure, I won’t let how I feel dictate what I do. 

Click the photo below to visit the site

The plan is in place, and anything that goes wrong I will fix with the same enthusiasm a good waitress has when your order is wrong from the kitchen. I’m ready for this and I have done 90% of what is required before. I trust myself enough to take the last 10% on faith.

Anyways, last week I had a lot of wins for me.

  • I filmed, edited and posted a YouTube video and felt proud of how far my editing has come (+ it has almost 1k views!)

  • Edited my podcast episode with Mando and created social clips

  • Pre filmed 3 other YouTube videos (although I want to refilm two of them)

  • Made over 45 Social Clips

  • Tried a new editing style

  • Signed on 2 clients

  • 600 Followers on Threads (I had almost no followers in Jan)

  • Hosted a successful Pod People Meet Up

  • Was networking with some movie producers (my mentor’s daughter and son) who want to talk about me doing their marketing and will teach me more about audio/video equipment

  • Kept up my 100 days of no series (day 14)

  • Kept up my content challenge (day 118)

But the win I wanted to highlight for you is...

I switched my 7 day challenge to Notion and it's free!! you can take it here if you want to learn about social media)

The funny thing is, even with all of this I haven’t told you about the crazy thing that happened last week. My mastermind group says I have to wait a month for my safety to talk about it. If you don’t want to miss out on why I passed up a job for $175,000, make sure you subscribe to my email list.

Editing Hack:

How to do this effect in cap cut mobile:

- down your initial video with text a few seconds later in the video

- save video

- start new project

- add overlay and add the same video

- remove background

- choose auto remove

- choose paper effect

- add text on top at the beginning of the video

Quotes of the week:

Two videos I watched that made me better:

This is about post date 8 questions your should ask yourself. Very sensible to apply to many relationships. This section is about 9 minutes long.

Ok that's it for now, see you next week.



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