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Meet the man who lost over $1 million on the Superbowl

Hi Friend,

You are looking cute today (I'm flirting because it's valentines day ;) )

Ok I'll stop now, I'd like to introduce you today to poker player Sean Perry, who self-proclaims he is one of the best sports bettors in the world.

This weekend was the Superbowl, which set records for amount of sports bets of $185.6 million, or about 1/5 of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Gross Profit.

Before kick-off, Sean placed a bet and posted his ticket placed at Circa Sports, his bet was one of the biggest reported bets of the entire Super Bowl. The bet on San Francisco, a slight favorite, to win the game at -110 odds would have paid out $2,100,000, for a $1 million profit.

Unfortunately for Sean, the 49ers lost.

To his fans, he offered his sincere apology for his Superbowl pick and offered them his next day pick for free.

Which also lost.

They should have followed Drake instead (he won $1 million).

Jokes aside, Sean has actually made a lot of money from gambling, his net worth is around 1.5 million dollars and he has actually won a lot of money gambling (over 6 million dollars through his career).

Sean sells his sports picks of the day every day, and has a community of people who pay him for his sports picks, but because of this he has a lot of people who hate him and call him a scammer, to his credit he is upfront about how results aren’t guaranteed and about how gambling is still risky. He doesn’t guarantee results and does encourage making financially responsible bets.

When you think about it, Sean is just a wine critic but for gambling. In my opinion, his core audience gets what they really want- a reason to get high.


Laura Mai

P.S. What do you think of Sean or of gambling addictions in general? I find them really interesting. Drop a comment down below or get in touch with me here:

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