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Learn from the best on LinkedIn: Analyzing entrepreneur accounts

I didn’t post a blog this Monday because it was memorial day.

Which is funny because although I gave respect to the holiday, I still worked.

It’s like the days blend together at this point, the only thing I’m sure of is if the day ends in y, I’ve got stuff to do.

It’s nicer this way.

It’s nice to have so much to do that I don’t think about much.

What I'm testing:

Currently I’m trying articles on LinkedIn, trying to newsjack daily with tips on how it relates to entrepreneurship.

I’m going to try to put this into videos as well.

Since you’re here I’m going to give you insight on the posts that were performing well from different entrepreneurs on LinkedIn.

Honestly quotes really win in terms of impressions. It's crazy.

Here is what has been performing best in terms of impressions for Gary Vee, Tony Robbins, Alex Hormozi and Codie Sanchez:

Gary Vee

  • Quotes

  • 2-3 min videos

Tony Robbins

  • Mental health videos (stress etc)

  • Tag someone videos

  • Newsletter the one thing

  • Phone dimension videos (i.e. vertical videos)

Alex Hormozi

  • Tweet style quotes

  • Short text that is hidden behind see more

  • Story with photo

  • Outlier/ one off: Comic telling a story

Codie Sanchez:

  • Lessons I learned at milestones

  • Tweet style carousels

  • Photo with a story

  • Tweet style quotes

Here are three videos that made me better this week (Rory Vader is a person you need to know if you don’t)

I am grateful for how hard all of this is.

I am grateful to have access to the brains of the best.

& I am grateful to those close to me who always support me.

I’m rooting for you.

Laura Mai


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