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I Spent $1500 + learning LinkedIn from the best & This is How I Optimize Profiles

Today’s blog post will go over how I optimize LinkedIn profiles. I’ve spent countless hours studying this from the best (Lara Acosta and Luke Matthews) and have spent $1500+ on learning LinkedIn + 3 videos that made me better at marketing.

Optimize your profile

I love spending money.

But only on skills (and ok maybe ice cream).

I also love helping people.

This week I’d like to help those of you who want an optimized LinkedIn profile.

Here is a video I made on it (there’s a cheat sheet and everything in the description of the video:

And here are the steps:

EPIC Profiles Checklist:

[ ] Someone would know what you do within the first 5 seconds of going on your LinkedIn

[ ] Your banner and profile photo match

[ ] Your profile photo is a welcoming photo

[ ] Your profile photo is centred

[ ] Your Profile photo is close to your face

[ ] You have used your featured section as a landing page

[ ] You have a testimonial in your featured section

[ ] Your about page is written for your customers

Three videos that increased my marketing skills:

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I'm rooting for you!


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