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How to Sell Anything by Tony Robbins *rare video

This week I found a gem of a video on YouTube from Tony Robbins.

I found it valuable so I wanted to share my notes for those of you who don't have the time to watch it.

Before we get into any of these tips, one of the most profound things Robbins said in the video was reframing how you think of sales.

You are solving a problem for someone. If you know they need it, if you know it could change their life, it's a disservice not to get them to do it.

In fact, if you don't sell it to them, all you've done is reminded them of their problems.

Get people in a yes State

Sales is all about getting people in a yes state.

  1. The first step to doing this is to build rapport. Ask about them and listen to their needs.

  2. Extra tips you should use when getting people to own up to you are

    1. mirroring

    2. anchoring

    3. metaphors

    4. pattern interrupt

Robbins didn't explain this in the video, but I will. Mirroring is copying someone's words and body gestures, anchoring is lightly touching someone. Metaphors is comparing it to a non similar thing to make a point. Pattern interrupt is breaking out of the normal conversation such as asking the questions below.

Chris Voss has more on these persuasion techniques if you want to know more.

  1. Questions you can ask are:

"What is the one thing that would make your life better if you could fix it?"

"What are you struggling with?"

Handle objections early

Most people say they don't have time, most of the time, really what they mean is they don't have enough money. Here's how you can overcome both objections early in the conversation.

Robbins recommends you do these things enthusiastically.

  1. Use someone else as an example: "Can you believe this woman said she didn't have enough time to fix her marriage?" They will agree it is ridiculous, they will not object later

  2. If they don't have the money, they do have the money, they just don't believe it's worth it yet. They're still in a no state. To overcome this no you can use these methods of persuasion

    1. Commitment: Ask for their help to bring some of their friends along to the event too. When they say yes what have they agreed to? They've just agreed they are going.

    2. Use loss avoidance and compare it to the benefits they will get. Explain how not having your solution could cost them, and then come back with how it can help them

Robbins closes the video by stating:

"The best sales people get their yes after the 5th no."

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