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How much I spend travelling in Italy Vs London

This week you voted on Instagram to know how much I’m spending travelling. I’m curious about these things too, so I’ll indulge you.

I annoyingly just had to buy €80 worth of train tickets because my bus to Milan was super delayed and the bus station I was going to is dangerous at night (I read the Google reviews). Oh to be a woman.

I don’t track groceries but I’ll do a table comparing London expenses to my travel expenses. Keep in mind I’ve adopted a minimalist lifestyle and have dealt with a long standing food addiction that goes towards bingeing and restricting food.

Because of this, I work with a nutritionist and do not eat foods that release high amounts of dopamine to keep my behaviour in check. This just means I don’t go out to eat much in Italy. It’s too hard and they look at me like I am delulu* (which I am, but not because of food!)

*delulu is a trend on Tik Tok which basically talks about how people are delusional in different ways




£665 inc. bills

Rent-free. I have a friend who manages a property and am so blessed the owners let me stay free


Normally none

(€90ish for Milan, €180 for Florence and Bologna) + the first night I was here there was a storm and I had to get a hotel for €160

=TOTAL €430

Standard Travel

£47.50 per week

=TOTAL £237.50

​About €10-20 a week + one €20 gas charge I paid my friend =TOTAL €120

Extra Travel

normally £10-£30 a month

=TOTAL £20

​my friend drove to Milan but we covered her accommodation cost, Florence was around €40/50 and Milan Bus (which I didn’t end up taking) was €20 but the train was €80

=TOTAL €150

Eating Out

normally £100-300 per month

=TOTAL £200

€25 euro for Sushi in my bday and €80 for a rooftop cooking class

=TOTAL €105


Probably £80 a month

two rings and a vintage quarter zip

=TOTAL €35


£1202.50 (€1402.47)

840 + 200 flights (I changed them and added baggage) = €1140

I’m really glad you guys had me write this because it’s hilarious. I can’t believe I saved money. London prices are a joke.

I still can’t believe you guys didn’t want to know about the beards though.


Thanks for reading!

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London prices are a joke - never used to be... (Mashud Ali)

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