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How I learned to have great conversations with strangers in two steps

In the past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to build an incredible network of supportive and kind-hearted people in London. Today I’m going to share with you two tips on how I’ve learned to make a good impression when first meeting people more often. I learned from former FBI Special Agent Evy Poumpouras and Business Genius Alex Hormozi.

These are what I fall back on to have great conversations even when I’m tired, and the people I’ve told these tips to always tell me how valuable they are, so I wanted to share them with you today.

Before I get into the two tips, I wanted to say these tips work best when I have the best intentions. I use these tips regardless of whether I want something from someone or not. For me, these tips are a great way to show all people my interest and respect for their lives, which has in turn made me a much better person.

TIP ONE - TED Method

The TED method is the first method I learned on how to have better conversations and it is such a game changer because it is an amazing way to get someone to open up so you can listen to them.

The way it works is you ask someone three questions, one starting with the word Tell, one starting with the word Explain and one starting with the word Describe.

TIP TWO - Compliment sandwich

Really pay attention to what someone is saying that you like. Each time they speak, tell them what you liked about what they said and ask your next question.

It’s such an easy implement and an absolute game changer when showing the person across from you how much you value them.

It can look like this:

Person one: “Hi, I’m David”

You: “Hi I’m Laura, what do you do?”

Person one: “I’m a solicitor”

You: “Ah no way! Tell me how you got into that”

Person one: *answers with a very interesting story that outlines their education and upbringing*

You: “Wow! You’re so cool, explain why you went into that type of law?

Person one: *will outline a story which reveals their passions and ethics*

You: “Incredible, I love how dedicated you are to x cause and values, can you describe where you want to be when you’re 70?

Person one: *will tell you a really cool goal they have, and might even give you insight on how to help them get there!*

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In summary

Listening better is the key to great conversations, the TED method and the compliment sandwich have helped me truly focus on the person across from me.


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