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How can you stand out when everyone is using AI?

Marketing legend Neil Patel posted a recent video answering: How to Make Your Content Stand Out When Everyone is Using AI.

It used to be enough just to have a high output to get attention, modern use of AI has created monotony in content, but you can still stand out by using what makes you human.

It’s getting so… boring, and quickly too. Neil argues that what makes content good is what makes it human, but what does he mean by that?

If AI does manage to get you emotional, it will only do it once.

Human emotion and shared experiences allow us to latch onto information more easily, and remember it better later.

What’s more, although repetition may help us remember concepts better, seeing the same content over and over again doesn’t make us feel the same way over and over again the same way a joke is only funny the first time you hear it.

So if you want to get people’s attention, do this…

If you want to stand out among a lot of content, it’s simple (but not easy).

  • Tell a story that’s true to your experience to catch attention

  • Provide new information that combines critical thought. The example Patel used was writing about optimising SEO using Google Bard (a similar bot to Chat GPT)

Remember, people judge what they can see, that means the world doesn’t judge your value based on what you get paid for, but on the work you do for free, which means the content you post and the free stuff you give has to be great.

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Laura Mai


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