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Dopamine & Motivation - Why Taking Rest is Important

Lately I’ve been feeling burned out.

I was watching a YouTube video from Andrew Huberman about dopamine and motivation. The video was eye opening about how hormones regulate what we do, how we feel about doing it and why. I highly recommend watching the whole video, but I'll explain where I'm at and three key takeaways if you're short on time.

I’ve accomplished so much this year with support from friends and family. From getting a new job I love, Speaking at Lord’s Cricket Ground for People Like Us, growing my tik tok to 12,000 followers and giving a solo presentation to a team at Microsoft I’m so proud of everything me and my teams have accomplished.

But… I need rest and after watching Huberman's video, I have an idea of why. Here are my three key takeaways:

1. I need to learn to rest and reset before I chase the next thing. Your body actually needs time to recover after success so your dopamine levels return to baseline. (Luckily it’s the holidays and it’s the perfect time to do this)

2. I need to relearn how to enjoy the journey instead of the results. (I think the instant rewards from Tik Tok has messed up this circuitry in my brain)

3. Addiction is something that narrows pleasure, a balanced life expands what you find pleasurable. I think I’ve found myself narrowing my pleasure too much. I feel like my life is work. I love it, but I love other things too. I’m going to use this time to reevaluate how to expand again

I hope I find balance again and excitement again soon. I’ve lost it a right now and I feel lost I general. If you’ve felt this way too know you’re not alone.

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