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Bill Corcoran’s top 5 AI podcast tools

Last week on my podcast I got to interview podcaster, CEO and father Bill Corcoran Jr.

Bill Corcoran Jr. is the Founder & CEO of OnTheStacks, an award-winning digital media company that produces globally recognized content and omnichannel experiences. He hosts the popular "OnTheStacks" podcast, featuring deep dive conversations into the mindset of high-performing leaders and entrepreneurs.

“OnTheStacks with Bill Corcoran Jr.” is listened to in 35 countries and on all 7 continents. The show is listed on Amazon Music’s Top 20 List of “Better Business” Podcasts alongside notable shows like, How I Built This, Masters Of Scale, The Diary Of A CEO, and has been featured in over 375 media outlets worldwide.

In our interview, Bill spilled his top 5 podcasting AI Tools.

Here are 5 must-have AI podcast tools recommended by Bill Corcoran Jr.:

Podium: An AI copywriter for podcast show notes, articles, and more. It empowers creators by saving time and enabling them to create more content efficiently.

Auto Pod: A podcast recording and editing software that simplifies the entire podcasting process, from recording to publishing.

Riverside & StreamYard: Riverside is a browser-based recording studio that allows for high-quality remote interviews, while StreamYard is a live streaming platform for creating professional-looking broadcasts.

Captions App: A tool that automatically generates captions and transcripts for podcasts, making them more accessible and searchable.

Vizard: A virtual studio software that allows podcasters to create immersive and visually appealing environments for their shows, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Find Bill: @billcorcorcoranjr on IG @onthestackspodcast


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