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5x Your LinkedIn Impressions

Results on LinkedIn aren't possible

If you're not taking control

I grew my client's impressions from

280k average impressions a month

to 1.5 million impressions this month

By not doing five things

1. Posting less

Seriously more is more. I post 2x a day M-F

2. Posting long paragraphs

Use this proven copy structure I learned from Lara Acosta







(example below for what this looks like)

& Don't forget to keep sentences short

People don't read, they scan

(I learned this from Hrabren Bankov)

3. Not tracking data

Everything is on a Google spreadsheet

(if you want a template for this DM me)

I double down what works 80% of posts

4. Not experimenting

I experiment with new ideas about 20% of the time

5. Not looking at competitors

Most of the new ideas I get for the account come from competitor's accounts

I take what works on their accounts and make it align with my client's brand

It is never the algorithm's fault

Take control of your post's performance

& you'll see results

I'm rooting for you

Want to learn more?

This could be you.

I’d love to help you grow your brand with a free 15 minute strategy call with those who qualify.

I work with people who:

Make $120,000 + in income for personal brands

Make $1 million + in annual revenue for businesses

Have 10 hours each month to dedicate to content creation


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