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What does Candace Owens Find in her New Exposé on Black Lives Matter?

I think Candace Owens is smart, articulate and well spoken, but I don’t agree with most of what she says and even less of what she does.

“I will scream the truth louder than you can scream the lies” That’s the line that stood out to me when watching the trailer for Candace Owens new film The Greatest Lie ever sold. The documentary looks really interesting, I want to watch it, but I dont want to give Candace Owens money, so here’s a summary of her movie from multiple reviews so if you don’t want to, you don’t have to either.

For some context on what I'm about to talk about, I’d watch the trailer below.

The film highlights the characters’ of George Floyd and Derek Chauvin as well as investigates what happened to the nearly $80 million in donations given to Black Lives Matter

Investigating Floyd and Chauvin - What did Owens find?

In the film, Owens investigates the people behind the shot heard around the western world, George Floyd and former police officer Derek Chauvin. She visits Floyd’s home and highlights the dark sides of who Floyd was as a person, and of the cop who shot him.

I understand what Owens was trying to highlight. I read a review of the film that stated Owens was trying to say that Floyd wasn’t an angel, and the cop who murdered him wasn’t the devil, but that both lay somewhere in between. The investigation into each person’s personality was a criticism of the media more than of either person, but at times she showed bias and made irrelevant jokes about how George Floyd's kids "weren't really his".

I understand the criticism of the media, but Owens said in the beginning of the documentary that “no one deserves to die”, but it sounds like she spent a lot of the film giving reasons to justify Floyd’s death.

The BLM funds - What happened to the $80 million

What I was interested in was how Black Lives Matter spent the nearly $80 million dollars they received through donations. I believe Owens had fair criticisms on this. For example, Patrisse Cullor hired her brother, a man with no previous experience as a security guard, to be her security guard using donations to the tune of an $800k salary.

Although BLM has donated to many grassroots charities, the call for the organisation to be more transparent about where their funds have been going has been raised on multiple occasions.