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I work because I love it - The Poem

Updated: May 26, 2022

I knew I wanted to incorporate poetry somewhere in the site. After-all, It's one of my greatest passions. I created a video answering why I do what I do in poetry style using stock image overlays.

For being not an editor/ animator, I'm proud of how it came out! It lives on My Purpose page, but you can watch it here.

Or read it below!

I work because I love it

By Laura Mai Gainor (She/Her)

What is it?

I’ll tell you now

It’s feeling lives are changing

It’s purpose that makes me proud

It’s that feeling in the morning

The feeling of determination

The feeling of excitement

To catch the train inside the station

It’s the thank yous for the jobs well done

It’s thrill of new ideas

It’s thinking without borders

It’s trying without fears.

It’s smiles laughs trust and respect

It’s being someone you can call

It’s learning from everyone I can

Because I’ll never know it all

It’s working to be better

It’s failing and getting up

I’ve learned that it’s effort

I don’t believe in luck

It’s making magic when you’re ready

It’s resting when you’re tired

It’s lifetime full of patience

But every day I feel inspired

It’s not always sunshine hearts and rainbows

But those days I savour too

I find beauty in the challenge

I find beauty in to do

It’s the search for opportunities

It’s the feeling for the drive

It fills me with excitement I do more than just survive

I work because I love it

Now you know the it for me

The it that keeps me going

What’s the it that helps you be?


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